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Webcast with Louix – 17 Jan 2013

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Questions Answered:

  1. I find myself concerned with politics and world events recently, and feel drawn to join in activism to change some of the things that I feel are wrong with the world, however, these activities would take away from my seva and spiritual activities. How can I find a balance between my desire to change the ills of society and my dedication to serving God and specifically Your ministry?
  2. I am interested in attending one of Your retreats.  Can you speak about what happens at the retreat and how it is different from Your free public events?
  3. I have self-judgement around having casual sex. Is there anything wrong with having casual sex? Why do I feel guilty when I have it?
  4. I feel unsure as to whether subliminal content in hypnosis recordings is above board and for the betterment of mankind. Do you think using hypnosis recordings is a good thing? How do you view the use of subliminal messages in hypnosis recordings?
  5. My best friend’s daughter has received news from her doctors that she has a very aggressive form of breast cancer, and he recommends having a mastectomy and chemo.This has been such a great shock to this lady and all her family. Could you please help the lady concerned and all the ones around her best understand breast cancer and what to do?
  6. I often look after people with dementia at work, in hospitals, and most of them can get quite angry and agitated both physically and verbally. I am wondering why? I am also aware of that I have created looking after “angry patients” to help me bring up my own anger. But can you enlighten me a bit more regarding this situation?
  7. The other day, as my “inner child” was writing how she felt after an upsetting situation at work, the following words appeared on the paper: “I do not want to do this anymore. I want to hide. I want to disappear and it is all too hard. I want to run away. What have I done wrong and why can’t you love me as I am?” I have been working on my self-worth at a kinesiology session and was given an affirmation to do, which is helping a lot. I am aware of that I have had a pattern of “wanting to give up” in the past, when challenging situations arise. Why is it so hard for me to love myself when an issue arises and when I am in a “negative space?”  I am aware of the need to be grateful at these times and to use Your tools as best as I can to shift my consciousness back into a loving space.
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