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Webcast with Louix – 17 Dec 2009

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Questions Answered:

  1. Why do bad things happen to good people, and vice versa?
  2. I am pregnant and I feel terrified of giving birth. What guidance can You give to help me face my fears?
  3. Should capital punishment be abolished?
  4. Is anything a “sin” in God’s eyes? Does God forgive everything?
  5. What is Your definition of a “successful’ life?
  6. Is Alzheimer’s a natural part of the aging process, or is it something that can be avoided?
  7. Is there truly ‘someone for everyone’, a soul mate, or is this a myth generated by a couples-based culture and society?
  8. I have heard it said that “heaven and hell are a state of mind.” Can You please explain this statement?

(Due to technical difficulties, the video recording is not complete for this webcast. Some questions in the middle were missed and the later ones were done inside the office)


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