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Webcast with Louix – 16 May 2019

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Louix begins with toning oms.

Questions Answered:

  1. As long as I can remember, I have experienced anxiety. This occurs most commonly in a social setting (with friends, family, co-workers, etc.).
    I feel anxiety when trying to express myself; also, when I am finding the words to say, and then feeling awkward when I do speak up. I also have a fear of saying the wrong thing, or looking stupid. I’m left feeling disappointed and powerless when I’m unable to express how I am feeling, or contribute to the conversation.
    I know my anxiety causes emotional, as well as physical pain in my body, such as a tight neck and shoulders, clenched teeth, headaches, etc.
    It also prevents me from getting close to people and allowing them into my life. On one hand I love people around me, but on the other, I fear the closeness. It can feel very isolating at times.
    I feel in some ways it is getting better with time, but I was wondering if you could tell me why I experience anxiety, and how can I move past it and connect with others, without feeling fearful.
  2. Through some persistent forgiveness processes I recently remembered how much I loved my mother and my aunt. I had vibrant happy memories of both of them for the first time in a long, long while. Do You recommend a “fake it till you make it” appreciation of those who we feel we have been hurt by, to help facilitate our healing whilst continuing to practice forgiving them. I could barely feel the love for my mum or aunt previously, and yet it was there all along.
  3. What are the ways to treat addiction, to successfully wrangle oneself off of it? I had a big alcohol addiction and it plagued me for many years, and I still need to be wary of it.
  4. My mental health is not great. I am negative a lot, and am angry about the past and disappointed with myself, and most things. I feel bad for my children that I can’t provide a fun life as I am barely coping with basic survival now. What spiritual practices am I best to focus on? Should I go back and study, or just focus on the new baby I have?
  5. I recently lead a friend of mine through a visualisation to cut himself off from negative energies from his father, after he had been at a childhood regression session. The aim was to help him clear any lingering negativity from the session. This visualisation also unlocked deeply buried emotional negativity from my own father. Why would this happen, as I was just trying to help out a friend, and had no intention of doing any healing on myself?
  6. The Pope is seen as being infallible in the eyes of the Catholic Church. Can anyone be infallible, even a spiritual master?
  7. What are the best practices to develop one’s intuition?
  8. Can Scripture provide individualised guidance for a spiritual seeker? Isn’t it more important to have a direct communion with God than to focus on the teachings of Scripture? I ask this because many religions focus on Scripture more than communion with God.


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