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Webcast with Louix – 16 Jan 2020

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Louix begins with toning.

Questions Answered:

  1.  I have been seeing parents who allow their children to spend a lot of time on electronic devices, and give very little of their own (adult) time to them. I read an article stating that this is possibly a cause for the rise of self harm and depression with teenagers. Please could you comment on this.
  2. Doctors and scientists have measured the physical effects of different drugs. How do these drugs affect your consciousness, and also affect you spiritually? Do drugs make you more susceptible to demonic energies?
  3. Reading about the horrors that were done to American slaves makes me feel very uncomfortable. What is the best way to deal with this? Should I watch historical films about this era to stir up my memories so that I can access my buried feelings so I can clear them?
  4. I read a newspaper article that described meditation as the opposite of activism. Yet many yogis have claimed they make the world a better place by doing meditation. How can meditation change the world? I thought meditation was passive.
  5. Many people are talked about as being self-righteous. The Bible describes God as being righteous. What is the difference between a person being righteous versus self righteous?
  6. Since I started healing almost two years ago, my teacher recommended that I do not date. I feel the best that I ever have emotionally and mentally, but am still being told that I’m not healthy enough to be in an intimate, sexual relationship. Do you agree with this? Was something like this required of you during your training? And what steps do you suggest I take to heal the part of myself that is creating this?
  7. In delving into my own psyche, I realised that I have been sabotaging my own spiritual journey out of spite towards God (because I blamed God for the unfortunate events in my life). How do I change this entrenched behavior of self-sabotage?
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