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Webcast with Louix – 15 Dec 2011

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Questions Answered:

  1. I heard that You told a disciple once that if he “got his act together” he could influence millions of people. Unless one in is a position of power (such as a political leader) how can we influence so many others?
  2. My partner has been struggling with depression and has had regular headaches and backache. She follows your teachings about “nothing outside of self” yet rarely will acknowledge the emotional cause of her problems. I often sit and listen to her problems and help to massage away the headaches for her. Yet, after many years, this pattern of behaviour has changed little. Am I now indulging her with this pattern of behaviour by helping her “fix” the pain? What would be the best way to support her to change?
  3. My father has many health issues and my mother is his carer. At times she becomes very stressed, particularly when her own health becomes an issue. My father has some frontal lobe brain dysfunction and this has led to a change in his personality and other challenging behaviour at times. So that Mum can look after Dad at home (rather than him be cared for in a nursing home) there is an option to put him on medication to balance his moods. The only issue is that he would most likely refuse to take them, so Mum is faced with the decision of crushing them into his food without his knowing. I feel in an ethical dilemma as how to offer advice to my Mum with this situation. Could You please offer some insight?
  4. I invoke You into my sleep and my dreams every night. Are You able to share about the nature of the training which occurs while I sleep?
  5. Guruji, I am due to give birth to my first child in just a few weeks. It will be a homebirth and Lotus birth. I feel a mixture of excitement and great anticipation along with some fear (which I know comes from my lack of control)… There is a deep knowingness in me that the birth will be smooth and is meant to be that way as long as I trust my body’s natural ability to give birth and connect deeply with You during the process. However, I know also that if I become overwhelmed by fear or control, that I could impact the birthing process. I ask for any advice You can give me for the birth. Thank You and I am most grateful.
  6. I have been told that I snore on and off through out the night. Is this purely a physical/medical condition (I imagine that cleaning up my diet would help somewhat), or are there particular emotional issues that are associated with snoring?
  7. I am having a child at the end of the year and have had a very stable career position at a company for the past 2 years and have a profit sharing agreement in place with them. They want me to come back 3-4 months (but have said to come back whenever I am ready) after the birth. Because I have never had a child before and I have no idea how it will be once the baby is born. The company is going to get me a new car (which is part of my salary package) before I go on leave and are taking very good care of me, but if I don’t come back until much later, I feel that I will be letting them down or taking advantage of the situation if I accept all of that and I don’t come back for several months if at all. I have not committed to a particular time frame, so have not set any particular expectations, but I know that they would like me back as soon as possible.  I humbly seek your advice on this situation.
  8. My brother in law’s cancer has been in remission for the last year or so. However, any signs of illness seem to re-activate the traumatic experience of what he still considers a life threatening disease and keeps him in constant fear that the cancer will come back. What do You suggest he could do to free himself from the fear/belief system that runs him?
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