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Webcast with Louix – 13 May 2010

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Questions Answered:

  1. Recently when I was speaking with my father about world events, he spoke something along the lines of thinking that enlightenment is something that humanity is heading towards although he said that he couldn’t define what enlightenment is. Could You please describe what enlightenment is and how I can explain it to people who do not have a spiritual or esoteric background?
  2. Could You please speak about the effects of drinking alcohol on a person’s body, mind, and spirit? Is it true, as most people seem to think, that alcohol does no damage, when consumed in moderation (everyone seems to be aware that it does kill brain cells when consumed excessively). People seem to think that a drink or two at the end of the day, or with a meal, is a nice way to relax.
  3. I know that as part of my own healing and spiritual growth, I need to be more open to feeling my emotions….in order to acknowledge them, honor them, and move through them.  Being more willing to “feel” also allows me to be more open to sharing and accepting love from others.  This sometimes seems, however, that it is diametrically opposed to the “detachment” that I believe I also need to have in order to surrender to God’s will.  What is the best way to have a healthy balance between “feeling” and “detachment”?
  4. When we visit sacred sites, how can we best access the energies there to further our spiritual growth.
  5. Everyday I’m feeling more and more in awe of beauty on this planet. I have heard You speak of the “Illusion.” Could you please explain what that means pertaining to the Earth and to Nature?
  6. You have talked about the need to forgive in order to be released from pain… because pain is a result of not surrendering to God. This is understandable when a situation, such as abuse, is in the past, but how do you forgive when the situation is still going on?
  7. With so many people embodied on the earth now, does that mean that there are fewer souls waiting to come to earth? Is the earth optimally populated right now?
  8. It seems that there is an increase in sexual crimes. Can this be attributed to how information is more readily available these days, so we are simply hearing more about them, or has there been an increase? And if there is an increase, why?
  9. What is better for sustainability: living in mega cities or distributed amongst small villages?
  10. I have heard that You have spoken that all people are born bi-sexual to varying degrees. Can you please explain this?
  11. You speak that all illnesses show us areas in our lives where we can learn, change, and grow. That being the case, what is the AIDS virus teaching us?
  12. You have mentioned the concept of “feeling is healing.” Could You please elaborate on what that means and why are feelings are so important. It seems to me that most people seem to avoid their emotions.
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