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Webcast with Louix – 1 Aug 2019

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Louix begins with toning Oms.

Questions Answered:

  1. Could you please expand on what is true compassion? In other words, if I see someone suffering and I feel his pain, then I would be suffering too with him/her. Then it would be the two of us that need compassion. Please could you give your insight on how you can feel for someone and yet stay grounded in love, and the knowingness that everything is the way it should be?
  2. Are we born carrying God’s grace, and do we even need to believe in a religion to receive God’s grace?
  3. I have heard people talk about “stuffing” their emotions especially in relation to diet. For example, eating “comfort foods” like sweets, and drinking caffeinated drinks to push down the emotions to avoid feeling them. Is there a strategy with diet that can support and promote feeling and allowing emotions to come up to be released? Is a vegan diet the best style of diet to support emotional healing?
  4. Is there such a thing as a mortal sin, an act that was so heinous that it would prevent a person from being enlightened in their own lifetime?
  5. Why is it that unsavory and even abusive behavior is often overlooked and seemingly “forgotten” when someone passes away?
  6. I have heard you talk about your ashram homes as a physical extension of your body. Is this the same for Christians who refer to the church as “the body of Christ?”
  7. How is grace delivered? In the Christian tradition a priest or another Christian acts as a steward on behalf of Jesus, and that his presence goes into the steward, so that it is Jesus who then gives a blessing. Can your disciples pass on grace on your behalf?
  8.  Dear Louix, I started out with one Master, Jesus. Then Paramahansa Yogananda came and accepted me as his chela. As my Guru, he brought in many other saints and masters to work with me:  Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Francis of Assisi, Sri Kriyananda, Mahavatar Babaji, and Lahiri Mahasaya, Saint Germain, and now you. It is almost overwhelming. I want to know what is going on? Why are so many Masters and Saints interested in and assisting me? I get the feeling that there are even more Holy ones helping me that I am still unaware of. I am very, very grateful, and humbled by their interest in my spiritual development. They teach me and also help me to teach others. Am I that difficult to deal with, and so stubborn that they keep passing me on to someone else?
  9. Do Masters really speak through channels? I read in a book by Peter Mt. Shasta (about Saint Germain and the “I AM” movement) that Masters do not speak through channels so we will develop our ability to receive from them directly. Please could you clarify this for me?
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