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Webcast with Louix – 7 Dec 2023

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Webcast Questions

  1. Is the aim of spiritual practice to be close to God or to become God?
  2. When do children learn to lie?
  3. If you hold dark thoughts towards another person, can this open you up to being attacked by dark forces?
  4. How does one know if doing austerities is punishing purifying oneself?
  5. How much of a person’s fears and anxiety are based on misperception and things that are not real?
  6. Does having experiences of joy help to dissolve fears?
  7. Why did my body suddenly break into a huge sweat when recounting a childhood trauma?
  8. Is there ever a time or situation where litigation is warranted and in God’s will?
  9. Why, in all my decades, have I never made friends nor been accepted in any group I joined?
  10. I feel very disappointed in myself for not growing fast enough and for screwing up everything in my life.



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