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Webcast with Louix – 4 Aug 2022

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  1. Does purifying ourselves really help and relieve the suffering of others?
  2. 4 Steps to Heal Addictions
  3. Is it true that most children don’t need braces?
  4. What is the best way to engage in a potentially confronting conversation?
  5. Is living out in nature a form of avoidance of modern life, or is it actually healing?
  6. Are we all interlinked, whereby the successes of one person can prompt success in others?
  7. I have uncovered in myself an ocean of grief, for much loss in my life, of hopes and wishes unfulfilled, of loved one’s passing, and of happy times with people that ended. I want to thank You for helping me feel that grief, and I have trust You will help me fully feel it to come through it.
  8. Is it only with the help of a Guru that we can uncover and transform our pain?
  9. Why do you incorporate so many other healers and practitioners when working with your students?
  10. How does our relationship with God and Guru change as we change?



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