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Webcast with Louix – 2 Aug 2018


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Louix begins with a “Rainbow Meditation.” 

Questions Answered:

  1. How does one awaken their consciousness to the spiritual perception of the soul? Do you need to be enlightened, or can it be learnt before that point?
  2. Please could you talk about patience and where and why we need it in our lives, and our consciousness. I know that implementing the revelations we receive during periods of self-introspection takes time, and it takes time to ripple out into the universe.
  3. Late last year I had Darshan with Amma for two days recently and performed Seva while I was there. The event was the best time of my life, and I felt great for weeks afterwards. Then I succumbed to the desire to smoke pot, and did it for 2 weeks. Then I went and served my parents for 3 weeks while they weren’t well. Why am I so happy now? I thought that smoking pot would prevent me from feeling this good. Am I still riding the wave of Amma’s Darshan months later?
  4. Recently I have been treating my family as though it could be the last time I see them. I have been speaking my gratefulness to them, and admiring certain qualities in them. I have told them that I love them several times, although indirectly. My actions are also showing my love for them. I do want to say “I love you” whilst looking into their eyes, but that is scary. My family have had the habit of brushing over such things. Even with my heartfelt “Thank you” it just gets a quick “Yeah, yeah.” I wonder how much admiration and stuff is too much. I do get that they have a fear of intimacy, as I am sure I do too. I wonder is there a balance, or is there another approach, or something I can try?
  5. This question is about darkness and happened two weeks after receiving Darshan from Amma. I had been smoking pot for 3 days and was in bed asleep. A light went on in my third eye and I heard an evil presence constantly chanting a mantra over, and over. I called out for support from you and other Masters but nothing helped me to wake from this. It went on for a long time, and it felt as if it was locked in my third eye. Was this a possession attempt, or a curse that’s been put on me? I didn’t go back to work after this experience and lost my job. What’s happening to me at these times? This was unlike a dream because as soon as it started happening I was fully conscious yet unable to fully wake my body, and was just at the mercy of what was happening.
  6. You have spoken to me before how some music holds dark energy. Is it the intentions of the performer (like showing off), the structure of the music itself, or what the music has been intentionally written for (like some film music eg. the shower scene from the film “Psycho”), that cause music to be dark?
  7. Survival of the fittest is an attitude which is very prevalent in business (the sink or swim attitude), and in some parts of society. My feeling is that the way humans are meant to interact is more like the way bees structure society, which is cooperative, and where sacrifice and support of others is prevalent. What is the optimal way for a human society to behave?
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