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Webcast with Louix – 4 Aug 2016

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Louix begins with some toning.

Questions Answered:

  1. You advocate the benefits of drinking a lot of water for a multitude of reasons. Yet when I do, I tend to go to the bathroom far too often during the night which messes with my sleep as I have to go often and it’s hard to fall asleep afterwards. In talking with specialists I have been assured that I have no prostate problems. What is the solution to this dilemma?  
  2. I know that this might be a difficult question to answer, but could you please describe what your average day looks like when walking in surrender to the Divine? How does it differ to how other people live their lives?
  3. I have noticed that you do not eat beans or lentils. I used to find them hard to digest and suffered from flatulence, but since I have learned to soak them overnight and how to cook them well, I no longer have those problems and they are a major source of protein in my macrobiotic diet. In addition, they help maintain my energy as I have a high metabolic rate. Do you avoid beans and lentils because of digestive problems, or because they would inhibit your sensibilities, your Siddhis? If the latter, if I were to stop eating them, what would you advise me to replace them with?
  4. I am honest here when I say this question is also a well-deserved promotion of Your ashram community in Melbourne, Australia! I am finding it so helpful to have the love, friendship, and support of like-minded brothers and sisters who follow Your teachings. I too am able to help them in kind, which is also highly rewarding. Can You please share Your wisdom on the benefits of living in community and why it is important to do so?
  5. I can feel my heart cracking open wider and wider. I feel more alive than  ever. This is the grace of hanging in there, of following Your teachings and Your overlighting me, indeed Your living inside my very Being. My questions are, Is there any end to this expansion of love? and if it is possible to answer, What will this love be like?


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