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Webcast with Louix – 21 Jul 2016

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Louix begins with Pranic Breathing, Toning, and Silent Meditation.

Questions Answered:

  1. Dear Pranananda, could You please offer some insight into our pets that choose to ‘take on’ our illnesses. I feel that my dog may have taken on my Dad’s pituitary tumour. We both used to visit Dad regularly before his passing six months ago, which was around the time my beloved pet was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour. Obviously no coincidence!
  2. When I first had my spiritual awakening, I was really into astrology. What is your understanding of the zodiacs? Do you apply them in your life and in that of your disciples?
  3. I have heard you say something in the lines of “You have to give up the need to know,” which I understand relates to quieting the mind and trusting instead. Could you please elaborate on that? I have a curious mind and I love to understand how things work.
  4. I know that You and many other, if not all Masters, have suffered many trials and tests and have sacred wounds. Yet You and other Masters persevered and came through. Disciples and other seekers sometimes fall away when they face tests or their wounds are activated. Can You guide us how to keep on track even in difficult times?
  5. From time to time I experience a negative reaction towards the word “Beloved.”  I believe it may be related to the vibration of the word or person using it, as it may be showing me parts of myself that I would benefit from loving more / loving unconditionally…  So my question is:  Are we capable of unconditional love? Is this a state we can aspire to? Is it a destination in itself? What is the best way of resolving and understanding my reactions? I believe I could greatly benefit from feeling at ease with this word… I suppose there are quite a few questions here.
  6. I have heard You say that our body is a sealed eco-system and I interpreted this to mean that we cannot catch illness from others unless we allow that illness in. On the other hand, we are vigilant at the ashram about staying in quarantine while we are unwell (coughing, spluttering, sneezing etc.) so as not to pass the illness on to others. Can You please explain how the sealed eco-system works and what might stand in the way of us staying healthy when in contact with others who are unwell?
  7. How do we overcome long standing patterns of self-sabotage? That Achilles’ Heel of doubt that rears its head when we strive to change ourselves or our life for the better. How did You overcome this in Your training?
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