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Webcast with Louix – 18 Aug 2016

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Louix leads a Pranic breathing process and meditation called: “Cleansing Breath Meditation”  

Questions Answered:

  1. How does communing with Ascended Masters affect spiritual practice and progress? Does communing with Ascended Masters affect spiritual practice and progress?
  2. I have been watching my 1-year old granddaughter being treated like a pincushion as she has been vaccinated over and over again since she was born. She spends sleepless nights for weeks after her injections, crying, sometimes vomiting with fevers, and her parents believe they have no choice in the matter because their baby would be banned from day care, kindergarten, and school without the vaccinations. Is there anything I, or anyone can do to change the situation in Australia and California?
  3. “Begin to weave, and God will give you the thread,” is an amazing quote I’ve heard. Could you please go into greater detail about the principles and dynamics this quote talks about, and how I can apply that towards this year’s energy of magic and wonder?
  4. How does clothing affect you spiritually? What do different colors do to your energy? Is it beneficial to wear loose clothing while meditating? How does clothing and color affect you spiritually?
  5. At this stage on my spirit path I am facing numerous traits in myself that are very uncomfortable to see because I judge them to be not very nice, and at times, horrible. I am doing my best to have self-compassion through the process of unravelling these and to separate who I am as a person and Soul from the behaviours I have learned as a child that require healing. At times this feels very difficult and confronting. Can You please offer guidance on the most self-loving way to heal and refine myself? What are the most self-loving ways to heal and refine the non-loving parts of myself?

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