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The Divine Romance – The Moment Of Creation

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Enter the courtship with The Beloved of your soul through this meditation and sacred ceremony, in which you will experience God adoring humanity at the very moment of our creation. Feel the full restoral of yourself as Love, as you reconsecrate and recommit your life to the Divine.

Track Description Duration
1. Chanting 13 Oms 3 min.
2. The Moment of Creation (guided meditation) 42 min.
3. The Everlasting Covenant (Scripture) 6 min.
4. Hosannah  (devotional song) 14 min.
5. The Divine Romance (discourse) 6 min.

Total running time:  71 min.

Music:  Peter DeWitt (on The Moment of Creation) and Pranam (on Hosannah)

Read The Everlasting Covenant

Recorded live on 13 Feb 2010 at Prema Drala Ashram, Laguna Hills, CA   U.S.A.

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