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Soul Initiation (Special Subscribers Gift)

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Enjoy this engaging evening with Louix Dor Dempriey as He explores the topic of Soul Initiation. Using stories from the years of His own training with the Masters, Louix illustrates some of the challenges and initiations that He faced on His journey to God-realization. He offers many sacred tools and techniques to assist all aspirants on their own path to self-mastery.

Content Includes:

  • The Trinity of Suns (guided meditation)
  • An Introduction to Soul Initiation
  • The Great Initiators (circumstances, relationships, Gurus)
  • How Relationships Initiate (“Stones in the Tumbler”)
  • The Ways People Keep Love at Bay
  • The Role of the Guru (Babaji lila)
  • Lessons in Humility (the vision quest lila)
  • The Fine Art of Obedience
  • Surrendering Your Life (the landscaping lila)
  • Healing a Broken Heart (equestrian groom lila)
  • Life Equals Initiation
  • Everything is a Choice
  • Learning to Accept Unconditional Love
  • Choosing Love in the Face of Adversity
  • The Source of all Fear
  • Attuning to the Voice of Your Soul
  • Honesty is Empowering
  • More Lessons in Humility (the timeshare lila)
  • Louix’s Training with the Master
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