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Webcast with Louix – 7 Sep 2017

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Question Answered:

  1. I have an enormous number of situations in my life that I have experienced that also parallel what my mother has experienced in her life. Can a child carry karma for parents and even clear karma for parents (and even their family)? When I was staying with my mother, many years ago, I had a dream where I helped her resolve an issue with sexual abuse. I heard a bell toll in the dream and had the sense I had actually cleared an issue with/for her. Please could you explain how an individual’s karma can be tied up with another person or family and how this can be cleared or at least where I can extricate myself from another’s karma.
  2. Dear Guruji. I’d love some clarification about the exact location of the 6th and 7th chakras. Is the third eye directly linked to the Pineal gland which is located at the back of the brain at eye level, and the crown chakra linked to the Pituitary gland a little higher but in the center at the level of the forehead? You often mention keeping the back straight during meditations and breathing exercises so that the chakras are aligned, but these two glands are not vertically aligned as far as I know. Ok, I know I tend to be too much in my head, and this time literally 😉 Thanks for clarifying and for letting me know if this is important to know as I tend to do regular exercises of blessing these spiritual centers.   
  3. I have been wondering why my own emotional and spiritual issues seem to closely tie in with my roommate, sort of like with women who live together synchronise with their menstrual cycles. We may not always have identical issues although they do seem to follow similar themes and patterns. In my household I would even suggest that the whole household moves through spiritual issues that are related. Would you please expand on why and how this occurs?
  4. Recently I received Darshan from Ammachi and now 3 days later I still feel tingling in my whole body and very otherworldly. What are the best ways to integrate so much Light? Any there any essential oils that can also help? Thank You
  5. Can You please explain the significance of a SatGuru, in comparison to a Guru and other Masters.
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