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Webcast with Louix – 21 Jun 2012

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Questions Answered:

  1. I find it easiest to connect with God when I’m alone. When I’m around people, I find I get distracted and lose the depth of my connection. Why does this happen and how do I foster the same connection with God I feel when I’m alone when I’m with people all the time without becoming introverted or ignoring the people around me?
  2. Why is “cleanliness next to Godliness?” What is the importance of keeping things clean (e.g. your body, clothes, environment, etc)?  How does this effect your spiritual progress?
  3. What was Your daily practice, mental attitude, focus, etc., during Your process of spiritual awakening that was most beneficial to Your Enlightenment?
  4. Besides meditation, how should one approach daily circumstances and situations to help them overcome victim consciousness?
  5.  How do I know if I am making spiritual progress?
  6. Can You please speak about the role our guardian angels and other spirit guides play in our life? Who are our angels and guides? How can I get to know them? How can I further develop and deepen my relationship with them?
  7. I have a hard time losing weight, and have struggled with my body image throughout my life.  I don’t like the way I look and it seems the more I try to lose weight the worse I feel about myself.  When I work on my feelings about myself and loving myself more, I can’t lose weight. Is there a healthy way to go about losing weight, and addressing my negative self-perceptions at the same time?
  8. I have a friend or two on anti depressants and they have a hard time dealing with their emotions. Can You please give some insight into pro’s and con’s of taking such medication?
  9. I have heard You speak that “gratitude is the highest form of prayer.” Can You please speak about how complaining affects us, in comparison to being in gratitude?
  10. I had a dream which You were in, Pranananda. It was my habit at that time to sleep each night with a recording of Your guided meditation “The Everlasting Covenant” playing.  What happened was, that in a dream or some other altered state I saw You in the room with me and You were going to speak “The Everlasting Covenant” with me, when suddenly I realized that the recording playing was making it difficult to hear what You were saying as You stood in the room. I panicked and jumped up from my bed. You reassured me everything was ok and told me to lie down again, and that was the last thing I remember. So my question is, is it ideal to play such a recording continuously through the night? Every night?
  11. When I moved into Your ashram I was young and I had not even mastered basic living skills. As I have grown as a person and learned things at the ashram, at my day jobs, or just through life, I am finally starting to see that I have things to offer: knowledge, wisdom, ideas, etc. What I am having difficultly with now is now that I feel I have a voice, I have been sharing my ideas and opinions, and where I used to blindly do what I was asked, I’m starting to say “Hey, actually I don’t agree with that,” or, “What about doing it this way?” So there has been a pendulum swing… and now I often don’t want to keep my mouth closed and just obey if there is something I don’t agree with. How do I find mastery here, honoring the input I have to offer while developing the Divine trait of obedience?
  12. Often times I feel really lazy.  When I feel like this, I don’t perform my tasks on time, I don’t keep my home clean, and it has often had negative effects on my job as well.  I know I shouldn’t act this way, but often times I just don’t care about life and can’t be bothered to get things done.  Can You help me understand why I pursue this behaviour when I know it isn’t good for me?
  13. What is seva?  How do I benefit from performing seva?
  14. I love coming to Your events, and I want to give back something, but I don’t have any extra money.  Is there another way I can give back?
  15. I have met several Masters and have been given several different spiritual practices that I enjoy very much.  I feel drawn to Your teachings and would like to become more involved with You.  Do my existing spiritual practices conflict with Your teachings?  Would I have to give them up to live in Your ashram?
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