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Webcast with Louix – 21 Dec 2017

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Louix begins with a Chakra Revitalization Meditation.

Questions Answered:

  1. I have had the habit of acting as if I am not a very capable person. I know this was a habit that developed as a way of protecting myself from being bullied, and also a passive way of getting other people to do things for me. Unfortunately this habit has become very entrenched, and I still find I do a lot of self-sabotage. For example, I would deliberately say embarrassing things in public, and act as if I am incapable of doing things. How do I let go of such an entrenched habit?
  2. What happens to people who have a Kundalini awakening through drugs or intense spiritual practice, i.e. up several days, being creative, meditating and keeping their focus upon Spirit etc. without a Master or qualified teacher? I personally experienced terror trying not to allow the thought “I am gonna die!” I worried that my heart couldn’t pound that fast and maintain it. How does that kind of experience affect a person and are those effects for life? If you receive Darshan with a Master, does a healing happen to any damage that is caused? What does it mean for the person to have gone through something like that? Thank you.
  3. I went to a movie with a friend who reacted to every scene and sound in the movie as if he was there in it, while I sat there totally motionless. This situation helped me to remember that as a child I remember numbing a lot of my sensation so I wouldn’t react when teased, or show embarrassment (like having a poker face 24-7). I now am in the process of getting myself to feel again, yet I feel very vulnerable in doing so. I worry that if I was in a dangerous situation I wouldn’t be able to function and survive it without being overwhelmed by my feelings. How do I move through this fear to allow myself to really open up and feel? How common is my situation where I feel like I walk around like a zombie so I don’t react to anything?
  4. I often feel that to have a normal life is gold, pure gold. I cherish it, and the thought of Enlightenment seems so daunting and even destabilizing or frightening to me. Then I also recognise that to live a normal life takes a good deal of Mastery, which is what You teach. That is what I like to focus upon with Your teachings- a normal life. Can You please comment on this.


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