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Webcast with Louix – 20 Oct 2016

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Questions Answered:

  1. Is it possible to heal ourselves completely in any given moment?
  2. How do you recommend I deal with insomnia which I sometimes suffer from? Are there any practices that might help me get a more restful sleep?
  3. When my daughter behaves in a non-loving way, I sometimes struggle to find the balance between being accountable for what her behaviour is showing me, and simultaneously dealing with her in the moment and setting boundaries with her so she understands consequences of her behaviour. Do you have any advice on how to better handle this type of situation. Thank you.
  4. Dear Pranananda, I notice that, some seven years after my wife suddenly passed away, I am now beginning to talk more freely about her and I realise how much I miss her.  What I notice is she is fully ‘here’ when I share my heart about her. I feel comforted and even surprised by this and at the same time I feel the faint stirrings of having a significant other in my life. I would like to know from You how I can walk this process of embracing both my love for her and to have someone new in my life?
  5. Due to your most skillful ability to flush out my most painful emotional wounds, false desires, and terrifying fears, I have felt a shutting down, or closing off of my heart and ability to trust.  Although I realize that they are all psychological manifestations of my own making and not true, I experience tremendous, seemingly unbearable pain every time I attempt to open my heart. What can I do to overcome this fear of painful experiences and lack of trust, to once again open my heart to love more deeply? Or what am I missing in my understanding? Thank you for love and guidance.


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