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Webcast with Louix – 15 Sep 2016

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Questions Answered:

  1. What is Your view on social media? I see it being used to connect people on a global level and bring people together, but also as a form of escapism used to avoid real life and to numb the pain of feeling alone. I personally notice myself choosing my phone over human interaction at times and I wonder if children and teens are losing touch with discovering the real world because of this virtual world. Can You please offer Your thoughts and guidance on correct use of social media?
  2. This is the first time in my life that I have not had a full-time paying job and have started building my own business. I have been slowly receiving money for the products which I make, but not enough to cover all my living costs. This has been a very challenging time and I am certainly learning a lot but some help from You Pranananda may help me understand more on what I should be focusing on. Thank You, I am so, so grateful.
  3. I recently had a profound healing related to an experience some 37 years ago. It was and is a sacred wound. From this healing I had an “aha” moment, an insight that I wonder if you could confirm and/or elaborate on. The feeling I have is that these type of deep healings are stepping stones to God and that they are “The” wounds that are waiting for a perfect moment in time for healing to accelerate my growth and expansion into love and Oneness with God. Is that true? Also is it our obedience to God’s will that can help bring these healings come sooner or later in our lives?
  4. I have recently had a very big issue of mine brought to my attention. Within a day of this, I contracted a virus that has lasted for over a week. I am absolutely sure that the ailments I have had are connected to the emotion I feel around this big issue. But, I also notice as I am starting to feel better, that I am feeling detoxed, lighter, and more clear than before getting sick. Has this physical illness somehow transmuted or purged some of the emotional baggage or karma of my issue? Can physical illness sometimes be a vehicle for healing (as opposed to always being a sign of not dealing with the emotional level).
  5. If the Divine had the world’s ear, uninterrupted for 5 minutes, what would the Divine most want humans to know or remember?
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