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Webcast with Louix – 15 Sep 2011

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Questions Answered:

  1. My husband recently flipped over his bicycle and broke both of his arms.  I have tried to get him to think about why he created this accident, but he insists on believing that it was just an accident and that there is no other reason why it happened. I think that it happened because he is angry, and because our marriage is being threatened by our differing spiritual views.  How can I get him to investigate the deeper meaning behind this accident?
  2. I feel drawn to many different teachers and spiritual philosophies, and I also feel very drawn to Your teachings.  Often times there are huge discrepancies between the teachings of other Masters, as well as discrepancies between other Masters and Your teachings.  I find myself becoming confused and distraught by the differences between these enlightened beings, whom I deeply respect, and I feel as if I cannot trust any of them fully.  Can You please speak to why there are these differences and how I can resolve my confusion?
  3. For years I have been practicing Your tools as well as additional tools to release unworthiness, low self esteem, and lack of trust etc. in myself. Even with the support of regular sessions (Kinesiology and others) I haven’t seemed to be able to get on top of it. I have successfully completed additional therapeutic trainings and with gratitude and joy, I see wonderful changes taking place. And still, after so many years, I find myself not trusting myself enough in various situations. I feel guided in my heart to work with more clients, but I haven’t created them into my life, as much as I would like. Most likely because of lack of trust in myself, and maybe attachment at times (which I consciously chose to let go of). Or is there another reason why I called this forth? I would so much appreciate if You would give me more insights.
  4. For the last year I have been unsure about my marriage. I went from wanting to get a divorce to believing it will work. My husband and I had several serious conversations.  I used Your teachings to make changes and I made some progress.  Consequently, my husband is making an effort to change. Often our marriage seems to be going well and then “something” happens, and I ask:  Is it a test? Or is it a sign to move on? I ask God for guidance. How do I know the difference between believing that I am exactly where I need to be in my life and being complacent?
  5. Over a year and half ago I got laid off. I understand that it happened so I can grow spiritually. Gradually, I have learned lessons such as letting God take control, gratitude, volunteering, receiving, and living in the present. As I have lowered my expectations and broadened my search, I have had a lot of interviews.  Now I get often frustrated that it has been so long since I had a full-time job.  What other lessons I might have to learn? As so many people are in a similar situation, what kinds of lessons do you think our society needs to learn?
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