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Webcast with Louix – 12 Jan 2017

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Louix leads a pranic breathing exercise with toning followed by a discourse on how pranic breathing can alleviate stress in less than a few minutes a day.

Questions Answered:

  1. What can one do when a friend, loved one, or family member is under the spell of a cult leader, false guru, and/or fallen Master?  
  2. I receive counselling every couple of weeks to help me unravel emotional issues so they can be healed. Recently I have come across emotional areas that I refuse to address as there is so much fear and rage associated with them. These issues relate to how unsafe I felt as a child with my parents. What can I do to put move through my fears so I can allow myself to clear these deep seated negative emotions?
  3. Dear Guruji, I have an interest in survival skills, being out in the wild and being able to feed oneself and make or find shelter, etc. Is it wise for me, and perhaps other people who have such an interest, to gain a healthy knowledge about this type of survival? Maybe it could be of help to many people some day.
  4. Can You please talk about the importance of vulnerability and intimacy. Why are they important and how can we increase these qualities in our daily interactions with all people? And lastly, how do we move through the fears to doing so?
  5. How can a person overcome irrational fears of something that plagues him or her?
  6. I have had warts on my feet. They have been very persistent and after many treatments are still there. I have addressed emotional issues about being independent and “standing up for myself” but just addressing these issues (along with having the warts physically removed) hasn’t been enough to heal them. What else can I do?
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