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Webcast with Louix – 11 May 2017

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Questions Answered:

  1.  I am finding counselling to be so helpful. This surprised me a little as I didn’t think speaking about myself could substantially benefit me. Can you describe why that process works as well as it does.
  2. My partner and I share an issue of wanting to blame one another’s parents for the issues we see in each other. Many times I have wanted to ask my partner to step back, as these issues still exert a lot of control over him. I have found it difficult to remember and understand the axiom “nothing outside of self exists ” when family dynamics play out. Could You please offer me some guidance? Thank You.
  3. I remember the feeling of raw passion and excitement, of setting out on the spiritual path, of reading, and devouring, books about Merlin and King Arthur and the mysteries of the life of Jesus. I then went on pilgrimages to sacred sites and met different Masters. I believe all of this led me to You. Now the passion and excitement is lived through practising Your teachings, and being in relationship with You. Is this the main way that people come to You or do people come to You in other ways?
  4. What are some of the darker, shadow aspects of spiritual practice that can cause someone to veer off the spiritual path?
  5. I have heard you say that on the highest plane of creation reincarnation does not exist? What do you mean by that and doesn’t that contradict a lot of spiritual and religious teachings? Does that affect past lives that have been revealed to me, and if so, how?
  6. I am having trouble understanding the concept of compassion. I believe that everyone creates their own reality on some level. So if someone creates a circumstance in their life that is difficult, why should I have compassion for them? To me it seems like it is not different than feeling sorry for someone.
  7. The Golden Age is an idea that has been espoused for a long time. Is it possible for the human race to live in peace and harmony as is often pictured in a world to come?
  8. Is physical illness always a manifestation we create for ourselves to learn to come back into vibrational alignment?
  9. You have a six-day New Year’s retreat coming up shortly and I wonder if You could explain some of the benefits people can have by attending these longer retreats.
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