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Webcast with Louix – 3 Nov 2016

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Louix begins with a silent meditation.

Questions Answered:

  1. I have always felt that I had some purpose or direction I was going in my life. First with a husband and children, then career, and then with my spiritual life with a teacher and a community.  Now, there is an uncertainty of where life is going and what I am to do? There are no longer these things to help define me and it is just a little unsettling.  Could you shed some light on the perspective I should have when approaching this new directionless feeling?
  2. Dear Guruji, You recently revealed to me how I have used my ability to travel into the future and to pull in connections with other soulmates to enable an avoidance of intimacy in the present.  As I have continued to let go of this pattern, this creates an upset in an aspect of me that is like a time traveler with a mind of its own, who reserves the power to disassociate from the physical and from linear time.  It feels sometimes like a wounded inner child part emotionally, but either way, letting go of the pattern consciously has not changed the fact that there is some part of me that I don’t seem to have any control over that stays disembodied and refuses to trust. How do you reach a part of yourself that has a mind of its own and does not want to cooperate with becoming fully grounded and integrated as a whole person?  I would like to add that I continually do work on resolving my inner critical parent and I work with the inner child, which sometimes creates some healing and movement, but this time traveler aspect is really resisting integration.  I need all the help I can get with this one. Thanks!
  3. As I age I have noticed how much more fearful I have become. I had a fear of being assaulted as I was assaulted as a child and this has increased as I have become older. What can I do to address this?
  4. I have struggled to accept myself as being attached to the same sex. Even after much counselling and dating I still find that I have a war within myself and have much internalised homophobia. The recent shooting tragedy in Orlando has reminded me of this. How can I face or let go or these internalised feelings? How much of an impact on the world would it be if I could let these feelings go and fully accept myself?
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