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Webcast with Louix – 02 Mar 2017

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Louix begins with “The Garden of Eden” Meditation

Questions Answered:

  1. What relationship do You currently maintain with various beings and Ascended Masters and what role do they play in Your life?
  2. Is it true that if we put into practice healing methods such as yoga and reciting mantras, as more or less on a daily basis, we can avert many troubles in our lives?
  3. Dear Guru, Could you please speak about GMO foods and how they affect us and the environment.
  4. Dear Guru, Could you please speak about giving birth at home. I remember that you mentioned that your daughter had a home birth.
  5. I noticed something really profound today. I had practised some wonderful deep breathing and had released tension from my whole body. About an hour afterwards I was checking my finances and suddenly found myself in a panic when the balance was lower than I expected. I could feel the fear gripping my body. I chose to breathe deeply again and I was able to clear the fears and relax my body. I wanted to share this and also ask you to elaborate on the power of deep breathing.
  6. Why is it that whenever I ‘get somewhere’ in life, I end up sabotaging it? It feels like whenever I take two steps forward, I end up taking two steps back. This has been happening to me mostly in the areas of work and romance, so I was wondering if you could speak on those topics for me in particular. Also, do you have any techniques to help me chisel away at my resistance that can be used ‘in the moment’. I feel like the ‘just do it’ approach alone is too slow because of my resistance, as well as laziness. How exactly does all this tie in to the fear of losing my identity?
  7. I can find peace with myself but how do I make peace with the background unhappiness in my life? Especially when I look at the news and see so much suffering in the world.
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