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Webcast with Louix – 1 Dec 2016

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Questions Answered:

  1. In the ashram you assign people to have partners for sharing personal issues, helping one another through initiations, and also to offer friendship and support. Can You explain how this process works and what the benefits are?
  2. I understand that I am of best of help and service to others when I see others as whole, healthy, happy, and perfect no matter who they are, or what they choose in life. How do I balance having compassion for others who continually make lesser choices for themselves, while at the same time honoring what I feel to be true and speaking up or offering assistance to them? Sometimes I feel like my judgments get in the way and that I come off as being cold and insensitive.
  3. What is it that attracts people to go on vision quests?
  4. Friends of mine have shared with me, and I also have experienced, that sometimes work can seem such a grind. I know this might sound weird, but why would Creation or we humans come up with this experience at all? I mean isn’t life supposed to be fun and interesting?
  5. It has taken me a long time to accept that I am gay. I still find it easier to be physically intimate with the opposite sex and at times still feel repulsed at being gay. I continue to date but still find it an effort to do so. How can I move through these feelings of repulsion and judgement of myself for being gay?
  6. I have had a recent series of experiences of deep self-love and appreciation. With that was a realisation that everything I am and have been doing in life is ultimately for my true self. It is in some ways the most deeply satisfying ‘space’ I have ever found myself in. My relationship with You seems, in my awareness now, to be primarily about helping me love myself more and more. Am I on the right track?
  7. I hope I will always have some happy desires, like learning a new language or painting a picture. I wonder though if I am truly meant to be fully developing some of them or that they are obstacles on my journey for spiritual progress.
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