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“Thank you for being simply the most amazing person that I have ever met! I am not the same person since having had the privilege of meeting you and listening to your teachings. Words cannot express the vastness and magnificence of the experiences, realizations, and gifts that I have received.

– S. Keith
Carlette, Australia


“I cannot thank you enough for the exquisite delivery of your messages and energies which allow me to better understand my divine plan. You are a rare jewel!”

– T. Cameron
Culver City, CA


“Louix has a way of articulating the truth in such a elegant way that you can’t help but be captivated. At times when I have feelings of confusion, or I’m feeling out of balance, I simply put on his teachings and instantly feel whole and at peace while absorbing the great wisdom and practical meditations that he offers. Thank you Louix from the bottom of my heart. To have a self-realised master at your fingertips is surely the best blessing one can have.

– J. Carter
Brisbane, Australia


“Within minutes of being in Louix’s presence I experienced transformation.  We don’t have to live in a state of fear–through conscious choice we can live in our natural state of unconditional love.” 

– M. Mollenhauer
La Jolla, CA


“Louix is helping me discover God’s dream for my life, which is far greater than I could have ever imagined.”

– R. Niebaum
Chicago, IL


“Louix has given me the tools to awaken a new person within me… empowered, fearless, more loving, forgiving, and thankful… that is the greatest gift I have ever received.”

– F. Klein
Hobart, Australia


“Louix, you are so beautiful and you have guided me to a most amazing life of bliss and self-love.Thank you so much!!!” 

– J. Reed


“I am so grateful as a independent mom to have the support, guidance, and unconditional love that Louix has given with such grace and sincerity for my daughter and I.  I truly love and enjoy His sense of humor and the way He expresses truth that I can apply in every day life.”  

– T. Merenick
West Vancouver, Canada


“Louix has been to my life, like a candle that illuminates a darkened room. He has taught me how to open my heart, put fear aside, and to be honest and vulnerable. From this, I have tasted life’s most precious blessings and unlimited love. I feel so grateful!”

– B. Howarth
Melbourne, Australia

I get so much out of Louix’s webcasts; regardless of the question or the subject there is always a perfect pearl of wisdom for me. Whatever is going on in my life, you can guarantee I will find inspiration or guidance at the perfect time. It amazes me how often this happens! Louix offers the highest perspective on the most down to earth issues and I am eternally grateful that He does.”

– F. McIsaac
Melbourne, Australia

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